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2005-2006 Teacher Grants

Published: December 2005

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Left: Science students use a new stirring system.

Right: Students use computers upgraded with grant funding.

For the third consecutive year, the Alumni Association awarded grants to teachers at Rogers to supplement materials and tools not covered in their budgets. Grants totaled $4,707 and included:

  • $496.00 to the Science Dept. for 1 Vernier LabPro Interface and 4 New Design motion detectors - Requested by Alan Bardsley.
  • $485.00 to the Science Dept. for 2 Vernier LabPro Interfaces and one Physiology With Computers Laboratory Manual - Requested by Carol Richards
  • $485.00 to the Science Dept. for 2 Vernier LabPro Interfaces and one Physics With Computers Laboratory Manual - Requested by David Goodburn
  • $299.00 to the Science Dept. to purchase a 5 pack CD-Rom software program "Faces" that will have students work as Police Sketch Artists - Requested by Scott Dickison
  • $500.00 to the Rogers School library to purchase new books for the library collection - Requested by Mrs. JeAnne Kane
  • $412.00 to the English Dept. to purchase a new stage curtain for room 100 - Requested by Zinovia Canale
  • $500.00 to the Art Dept. to purchase items for an in-studio art library that will include art history and art appreciation resources. Requested by Steve Schreiner.
  • $395.44 to the Academic Lab to purchase 4 (TI-83) graphing calculators for help in math - Requested by Diane McCaffrey
  • $320.00 to Health Careers at NACTC to purchase a Sony Cybershot W5 digital camera - Requested by Coleen J Raposa
  • $490.00 to Advertising-Design & New media at NACTC to purchase a subscription to Ancestry.com, 100 pack of DVD's, blank DVD holders, mini DV tapes and a Tripod. These supplies will be used by students to produce a video "Researching Your Roots". Requested by David J Connell
  • $320.00 to Academy of Information Technology at NACTC to purchase memory sticks to upgrade computers and purchase two 40g hard drives for the labs. This upgrade will allow students to use software for web page design and graphics. Requested by Stephanie Martland
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